Death comes to Pemberley

by P.D. James



The novel is set in 1803, Lizzy and Darcy have been married for six years. It all seems perfect, Jane and Bingley live very nearby, two handsome and healthy sons are in the nursery and Pemberley is as impressive and beautiful as it has been described by Jane Austen herself. But all this seems much less important as - on the night of the annual autumn ball - a chaise appears at Pemberley. Lydia - Elizabeth's younger sister runs towards Lizzy and Darcy and screams that her husband - Mr Wickham - has been murdered. But is Mr Wickham in deed the victim? There are many people who have several reasons for hating Mr Wickham. But is anyone out there who would want to kill Mr Wickham?


My personal opinion: 


First of all, I must say that it's amazing how P.D. James links the story of "Pride and Prejudice" and a very extraordinary and exciting crime-story. I was able to clearly recognize all the characters with their own attitudes. The whole setting seems really realistic and I'm really impressed by this possible ending of one of the greatest novels ever since. 

But also there are a few things I would like to mention which are not exactely what I expect from a possible way to tell the story. 

The relationship between Darcy and Lizzy seems quite cold, the adding of other characters is in my opinion unneccessary. 

However, P.D. James hits Jane Austen's tone and connects a great novel about love to one about crime. 

Many people read this book and I read their different opinions, too. 


What others think:


“A sparkling curio that will appeal to both Janeites and Jamesites.”

—Daily Telegraph


“Jane Austen herself would have applauded.”

—The Spectator


“A great joint achievement, and a joyous read.”

—The Independent


“Death Comes to Pemberley is as good as anything P. D. James has written and that is very high praise indeed.”

—Sunday Express


“A delight. It reads happily and, as ever in P. D. James’s novels, the settings are beautifully and thoroughly imagined, the descriptions and exact. I can’t think that it could be better done.”

—The Scotsman


“Brimming with astute appreciation, inventiveness and narrative zest, Death Comes to Pemberley is an elegantly gauged homage to Austen and an exhilarating tribute to the inexhaustible vitality of James’s imagination.”

—The Sunday Times


“Of all the other pens to take up where Austen left off, P. D. James’s is head and shoulders above the rest.”

—Evening Standard --


This is probably my favourite adaptation I have ever read of Pride and Prejudice by a different author. It gets ***** five stars. 

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    sternchen (Samstag, 24 Mai 2014 13:25)

    Ich finde es eine tolle Idee, Bücher, die du auf Englisch gelesen hast, auch auf Englisch zu rezensieren!!!

  • #2

    Anna (Sonntag, 25 Mai 2014 10:05)

    Ja, das ist wirklich eine tolle Idee! Mach weiter so, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste englische Buch ;)